Community Hub Vision FAQs

July 2019 Update

  1. What is the vision for NMC to become a community hub? Since the beginning of Christianity, church has been an integral part of local communities. A hub of spiritual and social life. A place to gather and grow daily. We want to take every opportunity to be part of people’s lives as this north area community grows rapidly over the next 10-plus years. This means using the campus extensively to meet community needs. This will include an addition onto our current children’s center building that will house a child learning center, a renovation of our current multi-purpose room into a high-quality auditorium for the arts, expanded kitchen services, meeting rooms, and a third space that includes a coffee shop and kids’ play area. When people are looking to have an event, we want NMC to be on their shortlist! When people are searching for hope, we want people to know we are here for them. We desire to be not just good but great neighbors!
  2. Is this a Biblical model for church? Yes. A church that is actively engaged in its community—reaching outward—is Biblical. Ways to do church change, but we are always committed to the mission of Jesus to be and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19–20). This model of church will allow us to seek sustainable financial solutions that enable us to be generous and further mission efforts locally and globally for the long-term future (Acts 20:32–35). It means being wise stewards of the talents God has given us (Matthew 25:21). It means choosing to be very intentional around discipleship. This is not a whim. NMC’s elders firmly believe this is a long-term vision to reach more people for Christ, create greater levels of income streams, and be obedient to the Great Commission.
  3. Where are we at right now in the process? After overwhelming approval in February 2019 with a vote from the congregation to move forward with this vision, and after launching a capital campaign at the end of May, we have about 33% of the people who call North Metro Church home giving to this Project above and beyond their tithe. We are extremely grateful for the generosity of our people! We also originally had planned to accomplish all renovations in one phase, but for that to happen we need 55%–60% of people who call North Metro Church home to give above and beyond their tithes. Due to the fact that we have 33% participation, the elder team has decided to phase the project into three phases. The first phase includes the remodel and expansion of our current children’s wing to start an early learning center partnering with the Learning Care Group. This phase also includes the deferred maintenance of our facility, as well as making the outside of our building look appealing. Phase two is the remodel of our current worship center, and Phase 3 includes our café, office, and student center renovations, and a courtyard fill-in addition. We have submitted an initial proposal and met with the city in a pre-approval meeting. The city is excited for the project and we have the green light to continue moving forward in the process. We will be finishing our design, selecting a general contractor, and submitting plans to start the permitting process with the city.
  4. What are the advantages of a phased approach? The first advantage of a phased approach is reducing the initial capital need by $1 million. Secondly, we won’t have to move completely out of the facility for our church services. Lastly, we will start ministering to the families in our community that are involved in the learning center and begin to see financial sustainability that will help with the other phases of the vision.
  5. How much will it cost and how will it be paid for? Originally, we planned to do this entire project in one phase at an estimated price of $4.2 million. With the phased approach, we have an estimate for Phase 1 at $3.2 million. We have partnered with Mission Based Sustainable Solutions (MBSS, see partners in Question 7) and have initiated a generosity initiative with a church-wide focus on sacrificial giving, education, and other creative ways for people to participate. This initiative launched Sunday, May 19, and we are grateful for all who have given already to this vision (see #10 on how you can partner with us in this vision). Loan options through the SBC and others are available and will be considered in the short term to start construction on the learning center and create income streams if partnerships in the generosity initiative do not cover it all.
  6. How does NMC create streams of sustainable income? The building will be intentionally designed as a community center. This includes but is not limited to building and expanding the Children’s Center to house a first-class child learning center. It will include a renovated auditorium that will be available to rent for our community, school and business events, weddings, seminars, concerts, etc. We will also eventually have a coffee shop with an indoor kids’ play center that will be available for parties and other events. Other rooms in the building will also be available to rent out for business meetings, conferences, and seminars. The long-term goal is to integrate the sustainable solutions so that NMC will be financially stable and generous for years to come. LCG’s conservative pro forma estimates that through the child learning center alone over the first five years, NMC’s revenue will range between $2.5–3 million before loan servicing, maintenance, and other potential costs.
  7. Who are North Metro’s project partners? Our partners have many years of experience working with numerous churches across America. The three major partners are: Dan Cook Architects (DCA), principle project architect; Mission Based Sustainable Solutions (MBSS); and Learning Care Group (LCG). MBSS will direct a Momentum Campaign as we look to fund this project through a generosity initiative. LCG operates more than 900 schools across the U.S. with capacity to serve more than 130,000 children between the ages of six weeks and 13 years.
    • A common question we have received about the childcare center is: Since NMC is hiring a secular company (LCG) to run the learning center, can we share the gospel? The answer is yes! We are allowed to give devotions and have chapel services each week for the students and teachers.
  8. Who is running the project? Pastor Danny Bote oversees and manages all aspects of this project, including but not limited to working with our core partners, city officials, architects, and legal services. Danny will be communicating project status updates with the congregation regularly. He will be serving alongside the elders and a team of project and field experts within NMC. This team will utilize legal counsel recommended and acquired through the Colorado Baptist General Convention (CGBC).
  9. Who makes final decisions about this project? NMC is led by an Elder Council. Elder leadership is consistent with the New Testament in terms of governance (Acts 20:17–18, Titus 1–5, 1 Peter 5:1–2). NMC Elders, under the headship of Christ (Colossians 1:17–18), pray, seek wise council, and only after much time and study, bring major decisions they have agreed on to the congregation for a vote as described in the church’s bylaws. The church membership approved Project 414 in a vote on Sunday, February 17, 2019.
  10. What is the end goal? Kingdom growth and expansion. This vision is not driven by the idea of building big buildings but is driven by the desire to see more people come to know and follow Jesus. We believe Jesus is calling NMC to make a profound difference in the local community. We envision a church that creates models of sustainable income for Kingdom impact and generosity now and for the future. We envision a church that becomes a model of what could be for other churches. We will continue to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19–20).
  11. How can I be involved? The church is a body where every person has a part to play (1 Corinthians 12). God calls leaders to lead the charge—think of Moses, David, Nehemiah, Peter, and Paul—but never alone. We expect every person who calls NMC home to pray; give sacrificially of their time, talent, and treasure; and get involved. As we take steps of faith, more opportunities to serve will arise. Don’t wait to be asked. We need everyone on board and actively serving! As leaders, we promise our sacrifice will be great. Our leadership will not be words only! You can donate online to join the project.

North Metro Church Elder Team

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